Frequently Asked Questions:

What is ACI Payments, Inc. relationship to National Fuel?

Is my National Fuel payment safe?

Who is ACI Payments, Inc.?

What forms of payment can I use?

How long will it take before National Fuel gets my payment?

How can I get help making a payment?

How long before the payment is deducted from my account?

What is a Service Fee?
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Welcome to the Payment Center for National Fuel. Here you can pay your National Fuel bill, quickly and easily online.

For identification purposes you need to have ready your most recent National Fuel bill and your debit card or credit card information. Please note that there is a $2.95 service fee for using this service. To make a payment, please enter your Account Number as it appears on your billing statement and your service address Zip Code.

Account Number: -
Service Address Zip Code: